Tugce Martagan and her collaborators won the 2016 POMS Applied Research Challenge

Tugce Martagan and her collaborators won the 2016 POMS Applied Research Challenge

By: processindustrylab

May 18, 2016

Tugce Martagan and her research team from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Aldevron received the first prize in the 2016 POMS Applied Research Challenge (POMS ARC) for their work on biomanufacturing operations. Dr. Martagan received the first prize from Professor Chris Tang (UCLA Anderson School of Management) in the award ceremony held at the 2016 POMS Conference in Orlando, Florida. The POMS ARC is a bi-annual paper competition, and its objective is to encourage faculty and students to conduct rigorous applied research that is relevant and innovative.

The competition was chaired by Professor Felipe Caro (UCLA Anderson School of Management). The paper submissions went through a two-step review process. First, the Academic Panel selected three finalists. Second, the finalists were invited to present their work in a special session at the POMS conference. The Practitioner Judge Panel selected the winner based on the following criteria: (i) financial benefit; (ii) scalability to other industries and domains; (iii) managerial usability; and (iv) elegance, clarity, and depth of insight. All the finalists will publish an extended abstract of their work in the POM journal. The first place and the finalist of the 2016 POMS ARC are listed as follows:

First Place
‘Optimal Purification Decisions for Engineer-to-Order Proteins at Aldevron’
Tugce Martagan, Eindhoven University of Technology
Ananth Krishnamurthy, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Peter A. Leland, Aldevron
Christos T. Maravelias, University of Wisconsin-Madison

‘From Predictive to Prescriptive Analytics’
Dimitris Bertsimas, MIT
Nathan Kallus, Cornell Tech
Amjad Hussain, Silkroute

‘Quantifying Uncertainties Using Expert Assessments in a Dynamic New Product Development Environment’
Saurabh Bansal, Penn State
Genaro J. Gutierrez, UT Austin
John R. Keiser, Dow AgroSciences