Proactive Service Logistics Next has been awarded a one milion euro grant

Proactive Service Logistics Next has been awarded a one milion euro grant

By: processindustrylab

November 16, 2015

In the NWO accelerator call, a consortium headed by the TU/e has been awarded a one million euro grant. Most parties in the consortium have been working together for over ten years to perform applied research in the area of service logistics, i.e., the orchestration of all aspects of the after sales service for advanced capital goods. The challenge lies in the consistent control of all elements, such as call centers, (remote) diagnostics, service engineers, spare parts, and tools. Proactive service logistics is required to prevent downtime of capital assets, exploiting developments such as data analytics and the internet of things, and a transition of the responsibility for the availability of assets from users to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or third party service providers. Rob Basten of the TU/e is the project leader; the consortium consists further of three universities and nine companies: the University of Twente, University of Tilburg, and Erasmus University Rotterdam, and ASML, Fokker Services, IBM, Marel Stork, Océ, Thales Nederland, Vanderlande, Gordian Logistic Experts and the Stichting Service Logistics Forum. The project is split into three work packages, of which work package 1 will be performed at the TU/e:

  1. Predictive maintenance and service logistics: By (remotely) monitoring assets, timely maintenance and efficient service logistics becomes possible. Interesting models have been developed for this, partly in the previous ProSeLo project; we aim to apply these in two pilot studies and to use the results to improve the models.
  2. Service business models: When an OEM or service provider assumes responsibility for maintenance and service logistics (i.e., the availability) of assets, both involved parties have their own interests that need to be aligned. That is the goal of this work package.
  3. Service control towers: Coordinated management requires, service control towers to be constructed. We focus on operational decision making in dynamically changing situations, as requested in particular by companies in response to the need to quickly adapt to rapidly changing market requirements.

For more information, contact Rob Basten at or 040-247 2384.