Behavioral Operations in Planning and Scheduling

Behavioral Operations in Planning and Scheduling

By: processindustrylab

July 2, 2013

  • Author(s):
    Fransoo, J.C., Wilson. J.C., & Waefler, T.

  • Appeared In: Springer
  • Volume: , 2010
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  • Human and organizational factors have a substantial impact on the performance of planning and scheduling processes. Despite widespread and advanced decision support systems, human decision makers are still crucial to improve the operational performance in manufacturing industries. In this book, the state of the art in this area is discussed by experts from a wide variety of engineering and social science disciplines. Moreover, recent results from collaborative studies and a number of field cases are presented. The text is targeted at researchers and graduate students, but is also particularly useful for managers, consultants, and system developers to better understand how human performance can be advanced.