Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management Science

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Members at OPAC participate in teaching various courses of the Bachelor program within the department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences. Detailed information about the program can be found on the program webpage.

Master of Science in Operations Management and Logistics

Master students

OPAC is involved in three main Master programs in the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. The master of Operations Management and Logistics represents the main Master program offered primarily by the OPAC department. Master thesis projects in this program are supervised by OPAC members.

Master of Science in Innovation Management

The Master program of Innovation Management focuses on the issues of how to analyze, design and manage new product processes in technology-driven firms. OPAC members participates in this program through teaching courses to students enrolled in this program.


Master of Science in Business Information Systems

Similar to the IM Master program, OPAC members contribute in teaching many courses for students enrolled in the Master program of Business Information Systems.

Professional Doctorate in Engineering in Industrial Engineering

Master students

OPAC participates in this two year program for young people who have already obtained a Master’s degree in industrial engineering or a related field, and are interested in broadening and integrating their knowledge and skills in the field of logistics.

The program leads to a Professional Doctorate in Engineering in Industrial Engineering (PDEng IE). More information about the PDEng IE program is available at the PDEng IE homepage.

Doctor of Philosophy

PhD. Track

As a Ph.D. student at OPAC, you get rigorous academic training. In your area of specialization and you develop necessary skills for achieving novel contributions in the field. Moreover, you get sufficient exposure to enhance your ability to communicate and disseminate your research findings through presentations in international scientific conferences, and publications in renowned high impact journals. You also get highly involved in the intellectual and academic life at OPAC, which includes actively participating in OPAC seminars.

Courses provided by OPAC

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OPAC provides a wide range of courses for Industrial Engineering students as well as students from other faculties. A full list of all courses offered by OPAC can be found here